Production Center

Production Center delivers core innovations in printer/copier spares & consumables so as to give the customer work with a set of next generation of print engines and high-performance materials, data-driven, automated print production management, and accurate automated color control for a wide range of commercial printing applications. As development in the field of print technology takes place we at JT give the best product to the end user.

Research & Development Center

Our research cell innovates radical new approaches to print, store and process data from softcopy to hardcopy. This is used to create the next generation of large-scale, high-performance infrastructure to support the world. We're also modelling the future print making processing by being bold and taking risks is essential to what we do and research teams are embedded throughout JT allowing our discoveries to affect billions of users each day.

Quality Center

We aim to deliver quality with precision to our customer, therefore at our Quality Center we follow a very simple principle that to test and deliver quality products to our end customers. This has resulted in giving us positive results based on time and again feedbacks aggregated from customers. As JT continues to develop, the number of its products has been increasing and the Quality testing center is gradually reaching the acme of perfection.